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EBA using high-tech in classrooms

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Edmund Burke Academy staff began training last week on a new Google program that will allow students and teachers to use more technology in the classroom. Edmund Burke Academy staff began training last week on a new Google program that will allow students and teachers to use more technology in the classroom. The world is constantly changing. Technology is becoming more and more prevalent each and every day. In the last couple of years, educators across the globe have found ways to implement this new technology in the education process. Through different programs, students can now access school work while they are not in school, work on projects with their teachers and receive grades and feedback as soon as they are posted. Enhanced technology in the classroom is something Edmund Burke Academy is striving to provide its students.

EBA’s Board of Directors recently approved a proposal from the PTO to invest a significant amount of funding for a technology project that will greatly benefit their students. The school will now provide Chromebooks for students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade as well as several high school classes.

“After extensive research and interviews with parents and other teachers, we are confident that this will be one of the most impactful projects the PTO has ever implemented,” Melanie Jenkins, Parent Teacher Organization President said. Along with the Chromebooks, students will receive all the software and hardware support needed to make this initiative successful. Additionally, Edmund Burke will be a Google-certified school, which will enable each classroom to be set up as a Google Classroom - a cloud based system that will allow students to work seamlessly in the classroom and at home and collaborate on projects simultaneously at different physical locations. Students of EBA will join millions of other schools worldwide that use Google Classroom.

In addition to being able to work on assignments from any device whether the student is in school or not, it allows teachers and students to collaborate on projects as well. Teachers can customize assignments to the needs and interests of their students. This allows students to become more interested and invested in what they are learning.

Headmaster Greg Bunn says this is an extremely exciting time for EBA. “By bringing in this level of technology, the sky is the limit with what can be done, and teachers can provide new, innovative ways for students to learn,” he said. “We want to be a leader in offering cutting-edge technology so our students will be at a competitive advantage in today’s world.”

The school will not, however, be converting entirely to this new Google program. Bunn says they recognize that the traditional pen and paper way of learning is still very important and will remain their core format of learning.

“I think this will be a great benefit to both the teachers and students,” said EBA board member Max Boswell. “Pencil and paper studies are very important, however, the capabilities of this learning platform are expansive and familiar to how most students communicate today.” He added that both the administration and board understand that the youth of today rely greatly on the technology they possess and wanted to find a way to bring that technology to the classroom setting. “Students will also be active participants in the exercises in class,” he said. “They will be able to have their own Google Learning account that will stay with them throughout their time in school. EBA has always wanted to ensure that the resources were available for a student to achieve the highest level of education possible. The implementation of this program will ensure that EBA continues its leadership in education throughout the Georgia Independent School Association in providing the best and latest technology to our students.”

Teachers of the school have already begun training on how to use the new program. Faculty and administrators came together last week to learn the benefits and technical facets of how to utilize the program to improve the education of the students in their classroom.

Times are exciting at Edmund Burke, according to the headmaster, as they all work together to get the new program and equipment up and running. “This will allow students and teachers to work with more freedom than they ever have before.” Training on the Chromebooks program will continue through the remainder of this school term and will be fully implemented in the school system in fall 2019.

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