2019-01-09 / Other Jenkins News

Remember When – This Day in 1974

Ogeechee Valley Bank will open January 7th, according to Dobson Gay, President. Freddie B. (Sonny) Newton is the Executive Director. Directors are James M. Andrew, Virgil L. Black, Kermit J. Chance, Dobson M. Gay, Walter Harrison, Charles F. Hatcher, W. Cliff Hodges, William P. Jones, Dewey Newton, R. Hubert Reeves, Jr., R. D. Sharpe, Jr. and Clifford Snider.

J.C. Holton is named to the seat on the Jenkins County Board of Commissioners formerly held by Stanley Clayton who resigned.

Watson Rocker, Chairman of the Jenkins County Board of Education, announces that Bobby J. Watson has been named Jenkins County School Superintendent. He will fill the position which was vacated by Mr. A.D. Clifton who recently resigned.

Edenfield’s Clover Farm advertises ground beef for 89 cents lb.; Robbins Wieners for 79 cents pkg.; stew beef for 79 cents lb.; and beef liver for 89 cents lb.

Randy Karrh runs for election as a Representative to the State Senate in a Special Election to be held Jan. 15th.

Robert Fries is re-elected as Mayor for a fourth term and Larry Toole, Sammy Strickland and Jimmy Smith are elected to Millen City Council in Jan. 3rd election.

Walter Harrison is named Chairman of the Jenkins County

Board of Commissioners and F. Earl Cheney Vice-Chairman.

Ogeechee Valley Bank employees are announced: Fred B. Newton, Executive Vice President; Edna Pierce, Teller Bookkeeper; Bonnie Gay, Teller-Bookkeeper; JoAnne Hunt, Secretary-Note Teller; Annie Mae Edenfield- Teller- Bookkeeper; and C. Doulgas Cartee, Cashier.

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