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Remember When –

This Date in 1933

On Tuesday evening, the Millen Lodge of Free Masons was host to a gathering of 200 Masons at a barbecue feast. The occasion was in honor of Dr. Guy Lunsford who is Most Worshipful Master of the Order. The local lodge was most ably assisted by the Sisters of Edith Cavell Chapter, O.E.S. The feast was served in the banquet hall at the Fair Grounds.

Some 500, mostly colored men, armed with hoes, picks and shovels reported work here Monday morning by virtue of government funds being distributed by the Civil Works Administration. Wonderful work is being done throughout the town, work that was needed. The funds appropriated will give the town and county a payroll of some $6,000 weekly and will be quite a stimulant to all local businesses.

Frank Davis, a young man of about 22 years, was found dead early Tuesday morning in a roadside ditch of the public highway between Long Branch Naval Stores and Elam Church. His body was barely cold when discovered and his face and head badly bruised and bloody. The young man was in the employ of Mr. T.C. Lanier. The Coroner’s Jury ruled that he “came to death at hands of unknown party or parties.”

J.R. Wainwright and R.W. Mathews are elected to members of the City School Board to fill expiring terms of Allen Edenfield and R.W. Matthews.

Tung Oil, a product said to be largely of China, is being experimented with by Dr. Q.A. Mulkey who has a young orchard of 500 trees one and two years of age. The two year olds are just beginning to bear and the nuts resemble buckeyes. The doctor tells us that a tree of six years is supposed to produce 400 pounds of nuts, with the average price being $50 a ton.

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